Three Daisies Quilt Diary

Alisanne Ramsden-Allen

This diary is a record of the quilts made by me and includes what or who gave me the inspiration. Every quilt is unique as every person is unique. I call my quilts three daisy quilts because of the three hand drawn daisies I put on the quilt labels.

When I came up with the idea of keeping a quilt diary it was after I had started making quilts but not photographing them. Several of my earlier quilts have gone to their homes without a record. Perhaps one day I will track them down and make a record of them as well.

I have a written record below of them even though they are not photographed;

Tina’s quilt as pink and white, her favourite colours. It was a nine patch on point with appliquéd love hearts. This is the only quilt I have ever made with Dacron as the filler. Never again, it may have given the quilt a puffy look but is has horrible to hand quilt and I was never happy with the stitches.

Allan’s post and rail quilt in autumn colours that sits on his day bed.

Belle’s pink and purple ballerina quilt.

Zoe, Grace, Molly and Ross’s two nieces all have quilts made by me but none of them photographed.

I only make a quilt if I have someone in mind, I don’t make them for the sake of making them, it is soulless, well to me it is. There has to be some sort of emotional connection with the person.

This diary is a record only I am not an expert, I am still learning and because I am determined to learn in my own way haven’t had a formal lesson. This is my creative outlet and I hope as time goes on you find some enjoyment out of my creative journey.

May 2010.




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