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What is a Technical Writer?

Technical writing is about providing writing services of a technical nature that would otherwise be unavailable from a writer without the technical knowledge of the subject being written about. Technical writers not only know about their subject matter, but bring language and typographical skills to the writing task in such a way as to be the source of effective communication and understanding. The keywords here are 'effective communication'. No matter what your intent, if your communications are poorly written and ineffective, they are a waste of time, energy, and money. To better explain proper English language usage, please see 'Understanding Proper English Usage'.

Some people are unable to understand the benefits and value of the usability study of an object. Unfortunately, not everybody can "place themselves in the shoes of someone else", and can't genuinely understand the separate (and possibly differing) view point of another person. Understanding the 'usability' of an object is an essential criteria for a professional technical writer. To better explain the usability of an object, please see 'Usability - What is it good for?'.

If you are genuinely considering the services of a technical writer, please consider us

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