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How to create an XML Help project

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XML Help projects can only be created and edited in the VS.NET IDE.

This topic expects that you already know how to navigate around the VS.NET IDE.

To create a new XML Help project in VS.NET

  1. From the File menu in VS.NET, select New | Project.
  2. The New Project dialog box displays.

  3. In the Project Types: tree, select Other Projects | Help Projects.
  4. From the Templates: list in the right pane, select New Help Project.
  5. In the Name field, enter an appropriate name for the project.
  6. In the Location drop-down list, enter an appropriate path for the project.
  7. Note

    The default new project location is '\Documents and Settings\User Name\My Documents\Visual Studio Projects'. The saved project path becomes the default root directory for all project files.

    The new project displays in Solution Explorer.

Once created, you can add topics, TOCs, indexes, style sheets, scripts, and multimedia files to the help project.

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