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Writing Workshop Rules

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  1. Only one speaker at a time

  2. Always be polite and courteous

  3. Be prompt and prepared

  4. Turn off mobile phone

  5. Be considerate when coming and going

Only one speaker at a time

You will get your turn to speak. Please be patient and await your turn. When more than one person speaks, no-one can listen.

Always be polite and courteous

We are all professionals. Speak to others as you would have them speak to you. No name calling, no yelling, no blaming and no violence is permitted in the workshop. What you do outside the workshop is up to you.

Be prompt and prepared

Those that are late are showing their disrespect for the other professionals which were on time. Late arrivals disrupt the workshop and everyone in it. Please be professional by arriving before the start time and ready to participate. If asked to bring something to the workshop, make sure that you have it with you and at hand. If asked to do some prior reading, allow adequate time before the workshop for the reading.

Turn off mobile phone

Nothing is more intrusive than the sound of a ringing phone. Activate call diversion or messaging and leave it off when in the workshop.

Be considerate when coming and going

If you must leave the room during a workshop session, please be considerate of the others in the room and leave quietly and quickly. Try and be as inconspicuous as possible and close doors silently. When returning, apply the same unobtrusive behaviour and return to your seat as quickly and quietly as possible without interrupting everyone else.

Questions and Answers

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Does everyone agree? A verbal agreement is necessary from everyone.


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