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Persona 1: "Bill"


William is 35 years old, and resides in the USA. He works in an employment agency as an account manager (recruiter), and earns a reasonable salary. He's technically savvy, having studied computer sciences and human sciences at university. He lives in a mortgaged house in the suburbs of a major city with his wife and children. He's married with one young child (under 3) and with another on the way (due in 3 months). He commutes to work by bus, and reads the daily paper during the journey. He wears glasses for reading small type, but does not require them for his normal daily activities. He's partly colour-blind, but doesn't know it.


Persona 2: "Jill"


Jillian is 22 years old, and resides in England. She works in an sales office as an accounts receiver, and earns the award wage. She's not very technically savvy or computer literate, having gone no further than high school, although she can use a spreadsheet and email. She rents and shares a terrace house within the outskirts of a medium sized city. She's single with no children. She commutes to work by train, and reads glossy magazines during the journey. She wears contact lens to correct myopia.


Persona 3: "Mill"


Millicent is 58 years old, and resides in China. She does not work, having recently retired to care for her grandchildren at home. She's not at all technically savvy or computer literate, having only recently acquired a new computer given to her by her son. She is learning to use email and instant messaging. She shares a residence in a medium city, with her husband, 2 adult children, and their families. Her eyesight is failing and she requires strong glasses to see anything in detail.


Note Note

These personas are fictitious and were created for training demonstration purposes only. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is entirely accidental and unintended.


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