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The English language is constantly evolving and changing, with unused words falling from living memory and new words created, adopted, or adapted to suit a new meaning.

New words and phrases are being added all the time, often borrowed from other languages, or used to define new technology.

Combinations of words are used to create phrases, and quite often the incorrect spelling of a word in a phrase can dramatically alter its meaning. Sometimes, the incorrect use of a word in a phrase creates a Eggcorn or Mondegreen.

The following list of commonly confused English language phrases leads with the wrong and follows with the correct spelling or word. Sometimes a definition is provided for clarification where necessary:

butt naked
chaise lounge
font of knowledge
free reign
free rein: giving the horse control
heirs and graces
just desserts
deserts: a variation of deserve
phased by
slight of hand
straight laced
to hone in on
vocal chords



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