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By Colin Ramsden, April 2008.

Microsoft Windows Vista is [insert introductory description from MS site].

The default welcome screen—named the "Welcome Center"—provides many user assistance (UA) features embedded right into the display. For example, the breadcrumb "white stone" link navigation and search functionality is displayed at the top of the page for instant access. The PC details are displayed below them, followed by framed (or grouped) sections containing similarly tasked items. 

Vista Welcome Screen

The Windows Vista 'Welcome Center' default welcome screen

If you're new to Windows Vista, you should take the time to view the "What's new in Windows Vista" introductory guide in the 'Windows Help and Support' system.

Vista Help Window

The Vista 'Windows Help and Support' system

The Windows Start button has been made round and the hierarchical cascading menu structure has been made flat, changing its content with each category selection. The cascading expanding menu is gone.

Vista default Start menu 

The Vista default Start menu window changes its content to remain only one layer deep

The Instant Search has been promoted to the Start menu window and to the top of every Windows Explorer window. It acts as a quick launch tool in the same way that the Windows Run command does, capable of opening a program, folder, document or Internet resource.

The search tool is selected by default in the Start menu window for immediate access. Click the Start button (or press the Windows button on your keyboard) and start typing your search string or command. The search results are dynamically updated as you type, and listed in the Start menu Window, with the exact match highlighted. Press Enter to launch the program or command. Very quick indeed.

If a program is not found, or the command is not recognised, it launches the Vista Explorer search folder window and lists the results of an indexed system file search. Indexing is automatic and preformed in the background by Vista.

Vista Shell Computer Folder 

Vista Explorer showing the "Computer" category. Note the "Instant Search" box at the top right.

Every Vista Explorer contains a button bar which changes content to match the currently selected category.

Vista Explorer personal folders

Vista Explorer Personal Folders button bar

Vista Explorer Desktop button bar

Vista Explorer Desktop button bar

Vista Explorer Computer button bar

Vista Explorer Computer button bar

Vista Explorer Network button bar

Vista Explorer Network button bar

Vista Explorer Public button bar

Vista Explorer Public button bar

Inline with the search box at the top of the Vista Explorer is a clickable breadcrumb navigation box and drop-down menu providing both current hierarchical location feedback and instant navigation hyperlinks to all higher hierarchical items in the breadcrumb structure. 

Vista Explorer Computer breadcrumb options

Vista Explorer "Computer" breadcrumb options

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