How to create PDFs from HTML topics

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This topic describes the procedure for creating a PDF from HTML source. This could be a single HTML page, multiple pages in the same folder, or multiple pages over multiple folders in the same branch of the directory tree.

To prepare the HTML source for PDF generation

Acrobat only goes so far in converting HTML source files to PDF, and unfortunately alters styles, misses scripting, and cripples some functionality in the process. However all is not lost, as these can be catered for and countered in the source before performing the conversion.


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To create a PDF from HTML source

  1. Open Acrobat
  2. Click Open Web Page
  3. Select an appropriate URL, folder level, options and conversion settings
  4. Click Download
  5. Select an appropriate filename and location
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Once created, the Bookmarks TOC should be customised appropriately, and the security should be set to protect the document from tamper.

To set the PDF security options

  1. Selecting File|Document Security
  2. In the Security Options field, select Acrobat Standard Security
  3. Click Change Settings
  4. Check Password required to change Permissions and Passwords
  5. In the Changes Allowed field, select None
  6. In the Printing field, select Fully Allowed
  7. Click OK

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