Understanding - HTML table styles

Understanding HTML table styles

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This topic explores the ins-and-outs of HTML table styles as defined by the W3C CSS 2 and HTML 4 standards, and demonstrates how a seemingly small difference in style properties or location can make a dramatic difference in the way tables display within HTML topics.

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The basic structure of an HTML table is described in Jump across to separate topic Understanding HTML Tables.

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Table Styles:

The following table is a listing of all CSS2 table styles 

HTML Parameter Values Default CSS Description
<TABLE> align "left" or
"right" or
"left" align:left;
Aligns the table within the text flow of the document
  background (URL) (empty string) background:(URL); Specifies the URL of the image to be tiled in the background layer of the table. See Table Layers.
  bgcolor (#RRGGBB or colour name) (empty string) background-color:(#RRGGBB or colour name); Specifies the colour of the background layer of the table. See Table Layers.
  border (pixel width) 1 border:(pixelwidth); Specifies the line width in pixels for the table's outer border.
Set to zero (0) to hide the table border completely.
  summary (text string) (empty string) (na) A text summary of the table's purpose and structure for user-agents rendering to non-visual media such as speech and/or Braille.
  width (length) (If no parameter declared, width is as determined by the user agent.
If parameter declared with no value given, width is 100%.
If parameter and value are declared with no unit, width is in pixels.)
width:(length)px|%; Specifies the desired width of the entire table for visual user-agents.


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Here is the HTML for a simple table consisting of a single-cell in a single-row:

      Row 1 Cell 1
    </TD> </TR> </TABLE>

Here's how that table displays:

Row 1 Cell 1


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CSS order of preference

The CSS order of precedence for the presentation of HTML is:

  1. Inline styles
  2. Style sheet rules
  3. Attributes on HTML tags
  4. Intrinsic definition of the HTML tag

Explain what this means!


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