Using FrontPage to Create Glossary Popups

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This topic describes how to use FrontPage to create a HTML Help popup within a topic which will display a glossary definition by clicking on a customized link. 

Note Note

You can always go into the HTML view and edit these items directly, however, this topic attempts to describe how to achieve the same results using the WYSIWYNG Normal view as much as is possible, and particularly to minimize the need to edit the HTML code directly.

Important Important

The following procedures must be followed exactly, or the results will be unpredictable.

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How to use FrontPage to create glossary popups

The glossary popup in HTML Help is created and controlled by the HTML Help ActiveX Control which ships with HTML Help Workshop. The details for manually installing this control are included below for completeness, however, proved to be so convoluted to implement and liable to corruption, that it was decided to simplify the matter by using the project script file to automatically install and setup this glossary control dynamically as each page is displayed. This means that you don't have to become involved with this control at all, nor be concerned about it's placement, identification, or settings. No user input = no errors!

Warning Warning

Do NOT manually install the HTML Help ActiveX Control into any Help topic that is linked to the Lotech Solutions.js script file. Every topic in the HTML Help should already be linked appropriately. You can easily determine if the topic is linked as it will contain the line:

<script language="JavaScript" src ="../../Lotech Solutions.js" ></script> 

    ... in the head section (between the <HEAD> and </HEAD> tags) of the topic when viewed in HTML view. Leave this link alone and do NOT manually install the HTML Help ActiveX Control into your topic.

For those that are really interested in the manual insertion procedure for their technical education, click this link: Show how ...