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How to add the Apply Style toolbar to FrontPage

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The Apply Style toolbar

The Apply Style toolbar is a custom FrontPage 2000 toolbar designed to apply custom <P> tag styles available in the Lotech Solutions stylesheet (LotechSolutions.css).

Note Note

For the Apply Style toolbar to work properly, it must only be used on HTML pages which are already linked to the LotechSolutions.css stylesheet.

Version 1 of this toolbar contains eight buttons, each used to apply a Lotech Solutions style to the paragraph containing the current focus. The mouseover tooltip for each displays the appropriate style name.


The Apply Style toolbar buttons apply the styles:

Normal, txt, txtIndent, code, lbl, lblProc, lblAlert, and txtAlert respectively.

Note Notes

Tip Tip

To toggle tag visibility in FrontPage Normal view, press the keyboard shortcut CTRL + /.

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To add the Apply Style toolbar to FrontPage

This procedure requires you to copy two files from the Lotech Solutions network onto your local PC. One contains the macros which are called by the buttons, and the other contains the toolbar details. If you have previously created any macros in FrontPage, or have customised your toolbars or menus in any way (added or removed buttons or menu items), then this procedure will overwrite (and remove) your personal customisations. If you make note of what they were, you can remake them after installing the Apply Style toolbar if you wish. If you export your macros to a separate file, you can reimport them later if required.

Note Note

This doesn't affect window placement or option settings in FrontPage. They are stored in the registry.

  1. Close FrontPage if already open.
  2. From the internet, copy the file named "Microsoft FrontPage.fpm" into your profile directory under "Application Data\Microsoft\FrontPage\Macros". If the "Macros" folder doesn't exist in your profile under "Frontpage", you'll have to create it. Note the case sensitivity.
  3. From the internet copy the file named "CmdUI.PRF" into your profile directory under "Application Data\Microsoft\FrontPage\State". Click YES to overwrite the existing file.
  4. Start FrontPage, load a suitable file (one already linked to the LotechSolutions.css stylesheet) to try out the new buttons.

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