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Monthly procedures are those which need not be done as frequently as each day or week, but still need to be done every month or so. These tend to be larger or more time consuming tasks, which would not warrant the time taken to do more often than once a month or so.

Often, project and workload deadlines are slated for the end of the week or the month, so spare time to do regular procedures is usually unavailable at those times. Conversely, spare time is relatively more available at the start of the week or month, so there is more opportunity to achieve additional activities during those times. Therefore, it is wise to schedule and perform weekly or monthly procedures at the start of the respective week or month.

The monthly procedures recommended and practiced by Lotech Solutions are:

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To archive data to CD

  1. Close all programs which use your document files. This includes FrameMaker, FrontPage, Word, and any graphics tools.
  2. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the drive and root folder for your documentation.
  3. Windows XP and later has a nice feature which allows you to burn files direct to CD using Windows. Select and drag the files to be archived from the drive folder to the CD folder. Windows displays a summary of the files to be burnt to CD in the left side panel. Drag all the files you want to archive into the CD folder before enacting the burn.
  4. Check that the total file size does not exceed the CD size (720MB) and click the Burn to CD link.
  5. Label the CD appropriately and archive it safely.

If necessary, repeat the above procedure using multiple CDs to store large amounts of data.

You could alternatively use a CD burning program such as Nero. When you insert a blank CD, if something like Nero launches, use it if you wish. The end result is the same.

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