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Item Topic Task Status
1 All
Fix missing emdashes and standardise codepages.
Replace the emdash symbol with "—"
Replace the endash symbol with "–"
Replace all apostrophe's with "'"
Replace all character sets to "utf-8".
2 Scripting Repair scripts for use with Mozilla based browsers Underway
3 Site Add blogger for user feedback commenting Not started
4 HTML Help Complete topic on using HTML help Not started
5 Style Redesign site layout with alternate styles: Not started
6 Book reviews Write up reviews on books as listed Not started
7 JS Chess Complete topic on JS Chess program Not started
8 Scripting
Update copyright statement date for new year and fix copyright symbol.
Replace the copyright symbol with "©".
9 Table styles
Identify why table styles aren't being applied, and ugly thick borders are visible.
Apply the "ThinBorders" class to the table.
10 DVD Database Install and update DVD database and interface using MySQL Not started
11 XML Word of the week Repair XML functionality and update topics Underway
12 Monthly blog Update topics Underway
13 w3c-css-validator-report-14Nov06.txt Investigate W3C CSS compliance errors Not started
14 Style
Centre the pages horizontally
Set PageDiv margin style to 0px auto
15 Home page Redesign page for simpler access and usability Not started
16 HTML > Sharing between HTML topics Complete the instruction, and check for cross-browser compliance. Not started
17 ExpressionWeb > Languages and Spelling The image for the Page Options > General tab incorrectly displays the Spell check options Not started
18 HTML > Understanding the C in CSS Complete the text Not started
19 All Provide breadcrumb links in header Completed
20 Style Update breadcrumb styles to match Vista button lists Completed
21 Navigation Provide folder root index pages Underway
22 Style Update stylesheets to match Opera's display characteristics (indents, lists, table cell widths) using DocumentationRecoveryOperationPlan as sample Completed
23 Script Update "date last modified" script for Mozilla and Opera browsers Completed
24 Schemes Create themes based upon MS Word 2007colors using screengrab from Colors dialog Weblinks\images\MSWord2K7ColorSchemes.jpg Not started
25  HTML Help Complete topic on creating HTML help Not started
26 HTML Help Update topic on merging Helps by TOCs Not started
27 FM Complete topic on FrameMaker shortcuts Not started
28 EW Determine source action of EW sporadically inserting span tags in table cells such as this to-do table Not started
29 Word Create topic to list Word 2K7 menu locations from S/S P:\Users\Colin\Downloads\MSOffice\WordMenus.xls Not started
30 Sustainability Research and write article/comment about "Low Cost 'Plastic' Solar Cells" Not started
31 images Search and replace image alt="xyz" with appropriate descriptions Not started
32 JavaScript Create topic to demonstrate scripting Canvas to teach Chess game Underway
33 Print.css Separate print.css into sub-CSS (categories) sheets and import-link to common CSS print sheet Completed
34 HTML > UnderstandingCSS.htm Rename topic to Understanding CSS standards and purpose Not started
35 CSS Test and split stylesheets into separate linked sheets Completed
36 CSS Update print CSS to take advantage of import link screen CSS Completed
37 Draft Write up the topic on time and dates on computers Not started
38 XML Complete topic on File Access Control Not started
39 XML Complete topic on Client Side Linking XML Underway
40 References TV Channel frequencies  requires emdashes Completed
41 scripting Background image animation requires sequential scripting Underway
42 Style guide Create a style guide for Lotech Solutions web pages and custom websites Not started
43 \Reference\HistoryElectricAppliances Research and write the topic on the History of Electric Appliances Started: Researching

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